Metafour Event,  is a professional establishment which makes ‘event management’ for trademarks’ institutional organizations.Thanks to its professional experience in event & organization sector Metafour Event is an event management company which produce solutions by following the methods of planning, execution and reporting for events and organizations of institutional companies.


Metafour Event aims to create awareness and recognition towards the target audience for the trademark in the events and organizations which are fictionalized and executed by Metafour. Besides this, with its ‘Outdoor Advertising’ department, Metafour integrate outdoor introducing events into city social life environments in order to increase visibility. In this way, it moves communication created for the trademark to different media.


Metafour Event has a perception which aims to execute an event successfully in field by bunching everything together and organizing them for institutional companies. Metafour Event’s point of view of event management is like maestro who conducts a orchestra flawlessly or a basketball couch who moves his team to success with his strategy made in break-time by him.

Metafour Event carries out business management for events and organizations in every aspect with its past experiences. Thus, Metafour can meet expectations of institutional companies at top level and produce concept setups for event projects.

Metafour Event carries out an event for the product or content which a corporate brand wants to emphasize step-by-step within the scope of concept setup – from creating an idea, designing the concept to perform in field by providing necessary conditions.